Ania im Park“Another Teacher? Oh please not!”

The word “teacher” reminds many people of bad grades, boring subjects and strict teachers, basically: of school. So let me introduce myself: Hallo! I am Ania, not your German teacher, but rather your German friend. 🙂 I will take your hand and make German language fun for you. Not too much grammar, but rather games and teaching methods which will make learning much easier for you. German is not an easy language. It’s hard for students and also (you might not believe it!) for teachers. The problem is that simply teaching grammatical rules, which often can be said to be “boring”, can lead language students to become frustrated and bored with their learning efforts. My goal is it to break down the German language into very small pieces and to present these pieces in an entertaining way so that students can swallow and digest these pieces, one at a time, slowly, but thoroughly.

About me

First of all, I have a confession to make: My real name isn’t Ania. It’s Anja, with a “j”. Since people from all over the world tend to pronounce “Anja” in all kind of funny ways, but not the right one, I chose to be “Ania” instead, which hopefully makes it easier for you guys. 😉

What else can I tell you about myself? Maybe that I play football. And that I also speak French and Spanish. In Mexico my friends always called me “Ania de Alemania” (“Ania from Germany”) because it rhymes and sounds funny. What else? Alright: I lived in Thailand (in Chiang Mai) for one year. I also lived in 3 other countries so far: the USA (1 year), Mexico (half a year) and France (1 year).

German Class Chiang Mai University
One of my wonderful German classes at Chiang Mai University (picture taken in Dezember 2014)

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is simple and consists of 2 words: Interaction and Immersion. I motivate my students to involve as much as possible: By commenting and repeating what I say in my Youtube-Videos and by interacting with me in Google Hangouts and on Skype. Just as Confucius said:

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” – Confucius

Another 2 key factors of my teaching style are repetition and fun. The more you repeat words, sentences and patterns, the better you will get in a language. The more fun you have learning a language, the easier it will enter your heart. This is not only true for kids, but also adults.


Teaching German
“Wie war dein Tag?” – “How was your day?” 😉

I have one more confession to make: I have never studied education. However, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a TEFL certificate and I’ve had experience as a teacher for about 5 years, private and in class(mostly during my stays in other countries). Also, I am currently completing a DAF (“Deutsch als Fremdsprache”/ German as a Foreign Language) certificate of the Goethe-Institut, which is an international qualification for German teachers. And probably most importantly, I have something which no certificate in the entire world can buy: A true passion for teaching.

So why do I love teaching? I love seeing my students improve, building great relationships with them and finding new methods that make learning German more fun and easier than in the traditional way. Teaching is one of the greatest ways to improve our world, or as Nelson Mandela put it:

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

Now! Enough talking! Have you checked out my videos yet? Or you interested in taking private lessons of German with me? Or do you want to be my favorite student in the world and support me? Whatever you do, I wish you: Viel Glück beim Deutschlernen! Good luck learning German!

Danke und bis bald!  Thanks and see you soon!

Deine Ania 🙂 🙂  Yours, Ania


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  1. thank you so much Ania, it really a different and funny way of learning Deutsch, please keep going on
    vielen dank 😉

    ich bin Khaled,und ich komme aus Syrian
    ich bin 24 yahre alt

  2. Lucas posted your video on facebook, You make learning entertaining… you have a gift…

  3. Hallo, ich freue mich hier zu sein und hoffe, hiermit meine Deutschkenntnisse vertiefen zu können. Tschüss allerseits 🙂

  4. Hallo,

    Ich heisse Bryan. Particularly, I find super entertaining your german lessons. I have neever seen such a wonderful class.

    Vielen dank…
    Ich liebe dich <3

  5. Hallo,

    Ich danke Ihnen für das Video.
    Ich habe viel von Ihnen gelernt.
    Einen schönen Tag noch ^^.

  6. i like to study German with you … thankk you

  7. Hallo, Anja!
    Just started to learn Deutsch two weeks ago and check already all your videos on youtube chanel. Thanks a lot for such easy for memorazing, intersting and fuuny methods you`ve creared. Happy to find you as a great teacher. And nice to hear that you currently live in Thailand. I`m from Russia but live and work in Thailand too in tour company for now. Will wait new videos from you and improve my skills in this language.

    Vielen Dank und Gruss aus Pattaya.

    • Profile photo of undefined-2

      Hi Janna, nice to hear from you and thank you for this nice comment. I am not living in Thailand anymore at the moment, but hopefully I will come back one day. I bet you are having a great time there. Liebe Grüße an Thailand 🙂

  8. Hallo Ania ich komme aus kania i will be happy if i will know to commicate with my friends in germany
    ich sprech english ,swahili und bissch dutch i like your video very much and i will be happy if i will be your student

  9. Hallo Ania!
    Ich liebe deine videos auf Youtube. You have made it fun to learn German. I am swedisch and have tried to learn German all my life but I´m making progress now with your videos. But, I have one question, Ich habe eine frage. Are you the daughter of Jürgen Klinsmann? Die tochter von Jûrgen Klinsmann? Because you look a bit like him (not in bad way that is).

  10. Hi Anja
    I have come to end of your 60th YouTube german kesson. Thank you so much. I know that you put in a lot of effort to produce this course.
    Firstly I would like to make a donation for using your course. Do you have a PayPal account I can deposit some money into?
    Secondly, where do I go from here? Can you recommend a course that adopts your teaching methods: speaking in German when teaching German, teaching vocabulary in context, slow but thorough progression, and having the same level of enthusiasm? I would be grateful for any suggestions.
    Kind Regards
    Leonard Attard

    • Profile photo of undefined-2

      Hi Leonard 🙂 Vielen Dank! I appreciate your support! Can you please give me your email so I can send you my Paypal address? (My email is: learngermanwithania@gmail.com) It’s my private Paypal, so I don’t want to post it here, I hope you understand.

      And I don’t know of any such course, but I can do some research. Otherwise I guess I am unique haha 😛 I will soon start uploading videos for advanced students as well, so this will be good for you. Thanks again! Ania 🙂

  11. Hallo Ania,I should say that you are the best.Thanks for everthing.Vielen dank 🙂
    Ich heiße Emir.Ich komme aus der Türkei.Ich bin 19 Jahre alt.

  12. Ich mag deatsch voll form heart und due gut teacher under frunden

  13. I came across your first video by accident and had to see the next. That was it, addicted.
    You’ve proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks (I’m 60 and by the way yes You can say “my Sweets” or “My Sweety”). 🙂

  14. Guten Tag Anja!

    Mein Frau und ich reisen nach Österreich im Mai! And your videos have been a great help in getting us ready! Danke sehr, danke sehr!!! Since you have been in Thailand have you been to see any of the Muay Thai competitions? I currently am learning Muay Thai and really want to make that my next destination!

    Bruce Bevens

    • Profile photo of undefined-2

      Hi Bruce, I thought I replied to this comment before but it seems like I haven’t. Yes, I went to a Muay Thai competition and it was really exciting! I would recommend it for sure. Thailand is a lovely country, lots of smiling faces and kind people 🙂

  15. I am learning German right now, and I really appreciate your videos! I am actually going to Switzerland next month for a conference and also to take a German course! I would totally attend your class if available =).

  16. Hello Anja, ich bin Nazmije aus Kosovo, aber ich lebe in den USA.
    Thank you so much for all your awesome German video lessons posting on you tube! I am learning German language and so excited to see each of your German video lesson on you tube. You are doing an amazing job and you are born to teach not just German language any thing!
    I think everyone can pick up German language shortly by your great videos on you tube. Keep it up great work!
    Vielen dank and Tchüs!

  17. Hello Ania! I’m from Brazil and I’ve just started studying German. Having your classes it’s being such a great experience for me!
    Vielen Dank ?

  18. Hallllooo mein lieber süßer Lehrer Aniäaaaaaa…;-)
    Ich bin Nawid dien neuer Schüler,lassen Sie mich sagen herzlichen Dank von Ihnen und Ihrer schönen Haltung,es gibt etwa einen MonatIch nach Ihrem Unterricht in YouTube und ich lernte wirklich Deutsch mehr, Ich schätze dich wirklich sehr Sie wirklich Menschen zu helfen,meiner Meinung nach sollten Sie Vergabe Lehre hatte,nicht von meinem Deutsch angeregt werden es ist meine harte, Arbeit und Praktikenz und vor allem Ihre Lehre und soooo süß Haltung und es ist mein Rat an andere Schüler Praxis mehr und mehr wenn sie wirklich wollen Deutsch lernen sonst nicht die Zeit verschwenden… große Hoffnung, Sie zu sehen lieber süßer reizender Honig Lehrer Aniaaaaaaaaa;-);-);-)

  19. Hello Ania,
    Thank you so much for make it so easy and smooth, now its sehr einfach!
    ist possible for you to have more conversation so that way we can get used to hear hearing German

  20. Gracias por el esfuerzo que haces y la pasión con que lo haces,veo tus videos y me motivan mucho un saludo desde mexico ania de alemania 😀

  21. hi, you’re a really teacher by nature. your videos on youtube help us a lot.Dankeschön!

  22. Thank you Ania, Today i am your student. hope i can be good one for you. Good luck!

  23. My name is Abdelrahman. I’m from Egypt. I loved German more because of your nice way which makes me happy and attentive. In Arabic too it is said like that (Anya min Almanya = Ania from Germany). I like your way very much. Thank you for your great job.

  24. Profile photo of osama

    guten Abend heute sehe ich ihre web sete danach Mage ich das.das ist sehr schön .
    jetst bin ich heir zu sage vellen danke zu ihnen für dieser helfen .
    Entschuldigung !!!! ich schreibe nicht gut aber ich lerne deutsch.
    liebe grüsse Ania
    Osama Alemam.

  25. Profile photo of robasief

    Hallo enia, ich bin roba really you are a mazing and your method of learn is really awaome i looking for to come german to go to your school really the Germany language is very easy with you 😉

  26. Profile photo of catchmefrequent

    Hi anja. Thanks a lot for your videos.
    I am a great fan of the way you teach.

  27. Profile photo of robasief

    Hallo guten tag, mein name ist roba .ich komme aus ägypten .ich studiere deutsche Sprache in GOTHA institute .ich bin am Anfang Ebene A1.1. Entschuldigung i will speak english ? your videos are awesome really i took a lot of information and so easily. I studied german cuz i wanna to come to german and it’s my pleasure if we can have contact to learn German like a course in Skype and when i come to German i hope to join ur school or what ever you do to learn more so please let me know how much you take in online course? And what about your time .?

    Liebe gruße , roba

  28. Profile photo of adzira29

    Hallo Anja…
    Guten Tag, mein name ist Adzira. Ich komme aus Malaysia..could you help me which one should I learn first of your courses here for a starting learning. I really need your response for help…

    Danke ☺

  29. Profile photo of changjoopark

    Hello Anja.
    Thank you for your videos! I am in Deutschland and struggle to learn Deutsch. but It is really difficult.
    I’ll learn by your works 🙂

  30. Profile photo of zachmiacb

    Hi Ania
    Really i want to learn German , and i found this website hoping will be good in Germany language ….
    So Thank u Ania

  31. Profile photo of nowrozakif

    Hi cute Ania,
    I am Nowroz from Afghanistan thank you very much for your vedios it’s really the best way and a best way to serve for humanity, I am living in berlin us a refugee I found your vedios very helpful and already solved most of my confusions… so thank you very very much and keep it up please.?

  32. Profile photo of kamphat

    Hello Anja,
    first a confession. I had German classes years ago in High school so I am one of those students who watched the first video and immediately decided to skip to the necessary one that would suit me. However, because of you awesome teaching technique I couldnt get myself to click next video and ended up faithfully watching one after the other.
    Ich Komme aus Uganda/Tansania und ich gehe nach Berlin,Deutschland in Juli für miene Masters. I hope to be at a good level of my German by then. Really excited to find your courses.

  33. Profile photo of waresulnokib

    Lieber Ania,
    Ich heiße Nokib aus Bangladesch und lernen deutsch. Herzlich willkommen Sie für Ihre videos.
    Vielen Grüße…

  34. Profile photo of behnam

    Hallo Anna,
    meine 7 Monat kamen aus Iran.
    ich traf kürzlich mit ihren Unterricht.
    sie sind sehr einfach zu unterrichten.
    Vielen Dank.

  35. Profile photo of behnam

    Hallo Ania,
    meine 7 Monat kamen aus Iran.
    ich traf kürzlich mit ihren Unterricht.
    sie sind sehr einfach zu unterrichten.
    Vielen Dank.

  36. Profile photo of sanchopanda

    Hallo Anja!!! Ich really enjoy watching your videos! Ich bin trying to learn deutsch. Vielen Dank!! Auf wiedersehen! 🙂

  37. Profile photo of dlstavish

    As someone who first started studying German in high school back in 1976, lived there as an exchange student in 1977, worked there briefly in 1980, and studied it in college in the 1980s and 1990s…my vocabulary is good but my command of grammar is still horrible. I discovered Ania’s tutorials through You Tube yesterday and they are nothing short of fantastic! She’s a great professor and a natural on camera. For the first time in 40 years, I’m finally starting to understand German grammar after watching just three of her lessons. Sie spricht auch sehr deutlich und ich mochte gerne wissen aus woher sie kommt? Please…do the right thing and support her efforts through Patreon as I’m now doing. Tausand Dank!

    Darin- (University Place, Washington, USA)

    • Profile photo of undefined-2

      Hi Darin! Thank you very much for your kind words and your support! Vielen Dank 😀 And I am very glad that my videos help you so much. 🙂 Ich komme ursprünglich aus der Nähe von Dresden, aber bin fast nie zu Hause. Greetings to the US! Liebe Grüße, Ania 🙂

  38. Profile photo of kakrout

    ich heiße KJ. Ich komme aus Raleigh die hauptstadt von Norden Carolina in Amerika. Ich bin dreiundzwanzig jahre alt. Your videos have been helping me SO much and I appreciate all that you do and all your hard work to help thousands of people like me who want to learn German every day. Keep doing what you are doing and know you are helping to make a difference in our lives. VIELEN DANK!

  39. Profile photo of prakhardattu

    hallo… ANJA

    i don’t think i was wasting time to write a comment perhaps i’m very exited to write ….. wow”#### what a teacher u r???…

    i’m doing my masters in Germany(Duisburg-Essen ). i’m 23 till now a haven’t seen a teacher like u….lol####

    u r soooo… natural on the camera… which makes me study enthusiastically and u gestures makes me laugh sometimes….hahahah####

  40. Profile photo of bebatka

    Hallo Anja. Ist es moeglich ein Video ueber heraus, hinein, herein …usw. machen? Ich habe vieeeele Jahre Deutsch gelernt, aber diese hat mir noch niemand deutlich erklaert. Du bist meine letzte Chance :o))) Danke. Viel Glueck.

  41. Profile photo of flugzeugabwehrkanone90

    Hallo Ania!! Wie geht ist Ihnen heute?? Ich bin aus California von USA und ich bin sechsundzwanzig jarhe alt. I’m passionate on learning Deutsche and as a subscriber to your Youtube channel, I find your method of teaching very fun and exciting, as i am always laughing at how silly you sound when you say “Learn German with ANIA!!” Vielen Danke

  42. Profile photo of sachin

    Ich heiße Sachin, Ich komme aus indien. In mein Land es gibt nicht gut lehrer fur Deutsche sprache. Ich mochte Deutsche lernen.

    Your video classes are rather addictive than boring. Ich danke dir.

    However, I have a questions what happens when we go to A2 level. I see only A1 videos here? Antworten Sie bitte….

  43. Profile photo of zaidoon

    Hello, Ania actually i saw your videos on youtube and that’s gorgeous thing really i’m thankful of you and your helping greetings..

  44. Profile photo of ronamayg1

    Hallo Ania,I just discovered you lately…One Sunday I was looking for German songs where I can record for my study period…I got to see your videos in youtube…I am a A1Beginner since last year but then it’s hard to learn only with myself that’s why i’m trying to look for people who can interact with me during sundays of freetime…Do you think I can have common friends whom I can talk with in Hangout?

  45. Profile photo of sahil-wadehra1990

    Hi Anna ,

    I was super impressed by the way you teach the language. I’ve already become your fan.

    Eager to learn the language and explore the new world.

    #LoveandPeace #SahilWadehra

  46. Profile photo of wen610

    Hello Anja, I really like your course and videos online, and today I bought your ebook, I’m wondering do you have a version like mobi for the kindle, which will really helps me a lot, thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you!:) Best regards!

  47. Profile photo of deutschlearner

    Hallo Anja 🙂

    I love your videos.. you make complex concepts really easy to understand. Keep teaching because you are awesome at teaching 🙂

  48. Profile photo of

    Hi Anja, your passion is rocket fuelling my desire to learn German. May I know about the colloquial expressions that you use, which part of Germany is your dialect from? I would like to learn hochdeutsch for starters. Also I was told that if I were to learn Bavarian dialect, then other parts of Germany speakers can’t understand me. I have a long distance relationship with my partner who lives in Saxony.

  49. Profile photo of belgu

    Hallo Liebe Anja,

    ich habe deine videos endeckt. So lustig, kurz und klar erklärst du den Deutsch.
    Ich bin auch Deutschlehrerin in der Türkei. Ich bin nur 4 Jahre in Deutschland gelebt.
    Am 1984 bin ich mit meiner Familie in die Türkei zurückkehrt. Dannach habe ich hier Germanistik studiert.
    Also ab jetzt werde ich deine Methode benutzen.
    So kann man sehr leicht lernen und nicht vergessen.

    Vielen vielen Dank für deine Mühe
    Herzliche Grüsse

  50. Profile photo of hamdiibrahim

    danke shon ania i love your way to teatch german your funny video help me so much to learn german i will make interviw for work next montch and i want to help me please !

  51. Profile photo of ronamayg1

    I hope I can get a reply from you soon….Next year I’ll get a membership to the Bibliotek of Goethe Institut Philippines.

  52. Profile photo of ronamayg1

    I can send money for the Patreon by the way….How will I send it to you…?

  53. Profile photo of fjblau

    Thank you for being such a great teacher!

  54. Profile photo of kevinf

    Hello Anja, I love your videos, you make learning the language fun. I have a strange question, I am a beginner to the German language
    so I use all sorts of materials to help me learn. German music has been a huge help. One of the Bands I listen to is Saltatio Mortis, a
    medieval metal group. My son gave me a band t-shirt for Christmas that says “BLASEN GEGEN RECHTS”. Does this mean something
    colloquially or does this simply mean blows against the right?

  55. Profile photo of eglover

    Hi, Ania,

    How are you doing? I trust this note finds you well!

    I have been longing to learn another language, being restless in and with my monolinguality, and recently came across your teaching resources while researching various prospective “second languages.”

    I want you to know that after previewing several of your videos, you singularly brought me to the realization that German is the language I want to learn. I find it to be a beautiful and masterful language, despite the opinions of any detractors (wherever applicable). In short, I was smitten by your teaching style and will be starting your A1 course very soon. Thank you for these free resources and the time and effort you contribute to helping people all over the world to learn this incredible language.

    Vielen Dank, Ania!

  56. Profile photo of aliga

    thank you very much for the wonderful way to teach German
    I’m very interested in your videos and your method in teaching. you are really amazing

  57. Profile photo of caroselli_mb

    Ciao Ania :),
    mi chiamo Massimiliano e vivo a Roma.
    Ich heiße Massimiliano und Ich wohne in Rom

  58. Profile photo of caroselli_mb

    I bought (Power – Deutsch mit Ania) and it is very nice and well – written.
    I suggest you to buy it

  59. Profile photo of julcesaraval91

    Hallo Anja! Wie geht es dir? Ich hoffe alles läuft gut bei dir. Gratuliere für deine Webseite und endlich finde ich etwas, um mein Deutsch zu verbessern. Ich habe diese Sprache für Jahren gelernt und kann gut genug mit jemandem ein Gespräch unterhalten aber was mir fehlt ist vokabulär. Also, hoffentlich mit deinen Videos finde ich, was ich suche. 🙂 Danke wieder daß du diese Videos machst. Sie sind echt hilfreich. Und ich hoffe du verstehst was ich schreibe. Mein Deutsch ist nicht das beste. Und bald kaufe ich dein Buch. 😉
    Liebe Grüße aus Mexiko! 😉

  60. Profile photo of fragar77

    Sinceramente, llevo un par de meses aprendiendo alemán, pero hoy, con tus vídeos, tu me has dado el empujón que necesitaba. Danke!!!

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