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TOP 10 FREE Websites to Learn German

Are you looking for some great resources to learn German for free? Then this list is for you. Please remember though, that all these ressources won't help at all, if you don't get active. In my experience, a combination of self-study and a teacher is the best way to learn a language. Self-Study will help you to get immersed in the language and a teacher will help you to stay focused and actually get used to talking to a native. In this list you will find 10 great resources for self-study as well as finding a teacher (without booking a plane ticket!)

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3 of my favorite Loooong A** German Words!

In German, words are often put together ( “compound words”) to create new words. As an example: “Krankenschwester” means nurse and literally translated “sister of the sick people” (“krank” = sick, “die Schwester” = sister). As there are so many compound words in German language, I thought I might just introduce you to some of the craziest ones. So here are 3 German f****** long words that will make you either laugh or cry…. or both! ...

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