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PLEASE NOTE: I get A LOT of emails. So sometimes it takes me several days or even a week to reply to all emails, so please be patient! Also, if your question is already answered in the following FAQ, I will not reply to your email.


  • What is your name? My real name is Anja with a “j”. However, for my Youtube channel, I chose the name “Ania” with a “i” because it is easier to pronounce for foreigners. I hope this doesn’t confuse you too much. 😉
  • Where are you from? I was born in a small village close to Dresden, Saxony, former East Germany.
  • Can I visit you? No, because when you are reading this message I am probably not at home. However, we can certainly meet up for a coffee if I happen to be in your city. 🙂
  • Where are you? At the moment I live in Sydney, Australia.
  • Can I have Skype lessons with you? At the moment I am not teaching! Only those who support me on Patreon, can get classes.
  • Are you teaching anywhere in Germany at the moment? No, because I am not in Germany. 😛
  • Can I have your Whatsapp number? Nope, sorry. Just imagine all my 80,000 subscribers have my phone number. I would probably go insane.
  • Can I have your Facebook? Yes: Ania Deutsch. But this is only my teacher’s profile, which I don’t visit very often. I cannot give you my private FB, sorry!
  • Can I have your Skype ID? No, unless we have a class together or you are my Patron.

If you weren’t able to find an answer to your question in the above FAQ, please fill out the contact form below.


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Anja Winter Hi there! I am Anja from Germany - Since 2014 I have been teaching and traveling my way around the world. Now, I work mostly from my Laptop and love it! Read more

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