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Why do I offer my lessons for free? To be honest, I have found myself several times in the situation where I couldn’t afford any expensive online courses, so I tried to learn with any free videos and books that I could get my hands on. Fast forward a few years, I speak English fluently and Spanish and French on an advanced level, so I think it’s possible to learn foreign languages even if you’re not blessed with a rich family. And this is why I decided to offer my videos for free: So that those, who don’t have enough money to purchase language courses, can still learn German.

Of course, I would appreciate it VERY MUCH if you can support me financially. This will help me to keep making videos. You have two options: You can either support me on a monthly basis on Patreon or give a one-time-donation via PayPal. Every Euro or Dollar or Yuan helps me!


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Dankeeee! <3


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8 responses on "Support"

  1. Profile photo of jako

    Hi Ania.

    Hope you are well

    Thank you for making time and effort in helping Us( me included) in this wonderful journey into language learning. Will put to the test my German when visiting Jan 2017.

    Continue being awesome.

    bis später

  2. Profile photo of vivek

    hello ania

    i vivek dhameliya i am from the india want go the the germany for my master study.i got 8.0 CGPA From 7 semester MECHANICAL ENGINEERING last semester result is awaiting .

    i want to do master in designing of automobile system so what should i prepare and how can i apply?

    and some query are given below if give the answer then it will very helpful to me do i get scholarship for my master degree? to choose city for my master degree?

    3.if i choose German dot language program for my master then in what language i have give exam? do i find place to live? much they pay salary during education and after completion of master course? much expenses required for living and food?

    7.if i choose the German dot based program for my master then it will help to PART TIME JOB .INTERNSHIP ,FULL TIME JOB?

    8.i heard that to take admission in automobile is more difficult than other program is that correct?if it is then why?

    i am very pleased if you give answer the those question and i looking forward into it

  3. Profile photo of nailsworth10

    Hi Ania
    Great videos- I would be interested in private lessons on line. I couldn’t find you on the list of I talk teachers? Am I looking in the wrong place.
    Thanks for your help

  4. Profile photo of prakhardattu

    wow!!!!!! that was really amazing i’m really enjoying ur videos….lol(…*

    i’m here in Germany since 5 months ….after i came here n then i came to know the importance of German language.(Necessity is the mother of any language)
    my complete course is in Germany (thank god professors are very helpful). At present my level is a2,i hope i definitely reach B2 level by watching your videos,even my üni want b2 certificate if i need to complete my masters … lets see how it goes…(i started writing a book which u r saying in the lecture).

    i believe it would be more helpful to us if u make a video about phrases ….(which r translated in wrong way when we use übersetzer )

    thank u very much…. u r rocking ::)

  5. Profile photo of ahmadmestow

    Dear Ania
    Really you are amazing.
    I am trying to follow up with all your lessons in YOUTUBE .because I have a B1 test in 5th of November 2016.
    I dont know if I still have a time to get some privet lessons by the remaining time.
    any way if you have a time for that and it is possible here is my Skype : Syrian.emad.
    thanks again for your support.
    Best Regards

  6. Profile photo of alpha

    hallo ania
    ich bin alpha
    i komme aus indonesia

  7. Profile photo of easter

    Hi Anja,

    Halo… I want to subscribe your German Course A1… please advise.

    Danke Shöne

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